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Adrenaline Charters is Canada’s top charter fishing business provider in terms of information, services, equipment, products, and exhilarating fishing events.

Your Go-To Fishing Charter Partner

All About Fishing

Charter fishing is a viable business here in Canada. Thousands of citizens and tourists from other countries take on the country’s best fishing tours. We service a large volume of those customers all year long.

To learn more about charter fishing and charter fishing in Canada, Adrenaline Charters is your go-to website.

We offer a variety of services and products for charter fishing activities and tours all over the great white north. We offer the best fishing products in Canada in terms of quality, durability, and affordability.

Our product list includes the best brands sourced locally and internationally. We have fishing rods, reels, fishing lines, hooks, lures, bobbers, swivels, sinkers, line cutters, and more. We also have fishing apparel, sunscreen, and first aid kit.

It is our mission to make sure that you get everything you need for your fishing trip either in or out of Canada. Adrenaline Charters also hosts its daily charter fishing tours and activities in the province of Ontario. We accommodate customers coming from all over the country and even overseas.

All of our tours are pre-booked and as of the moment, we are unable to welcome walk-ins. So, make sure to book your spot ahead of time and we will take care of everything from there.

Adrenaline Charters is also recognized for its amazing events like sports fishing and recreational fishing. We both offer pleasure and competition. Other than our daily and weekly fishing tours, we also offer big recreational fishing events. We invite our regulars and some new ones for one big day of hitting the waters.

Our sporting events are the most anticipated events we have here. We invite competitors from Ontario and nearby provinces to throw done along the water. This is a one-day tournament that has been part of Adrenaline Charters since its first year in business.

Are you a fishing and angling enthusiast? Contact us to book your fishing trip today!