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Adrenaline Sport Fishing Charters

Adrenaline Sport Fishing Charters Prince Rupert specalizes in salmon, and halibut fishing, in the extremely productive waters of Chatham Sound.


taking your first sip of steaming hot coffee, the sun just starting to rise above the rugged Coast Mountain range that surrounds Prince Rupert, B.C., as you glide along a forest of kelp, aboard a luxurious BC Salmon Fishing Charters vessel, “The Dundas Kid” at the crossroads of two of the greatest salmon producing rivers of the Pacific Ocean. You watch the rod tips in anticipation of the first strike, awaiting your first shot at the famed Chinook Salmon of the Pacific Ocean.

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A rod tip takes a slight dip, as your first “visitor” samples your offering. You pick up the rod, your heart pounding. Could this be the thirty plus pound Spring Salmon, known as a Tyee? This is what you’ve been waiting for! You feel another tug, this time more distinct, as your rod tip is pulled down. You pull back, setting the sharp hook deep into the jaw of the great beast. The rod instantly doubles over! The reel starts to scream, as the mighty Salmon runs a hundred yards, then leaps four feet in the air! The sun catches the beautiful chrome of the glorious Tyee on the end of your line. It’s just you, the Tyee Salmon, and the ADRENALINE that’s pumping through your veins. The rest of the world seems to stand still, as you battle this powerful King of the Pacific.

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