Adrenaline Charters started as a one-day event hosted by an Ontario-based trial lawyer and a fishing enthusiast Kathy Siciliano from Beardmore. Siciliano invited her family, friends, and colleagues to be part of the activity she organized at Lake Nipigon.

During the event, Siciliano managed to get more than one hundred people to participate and then a viable business idea hit her.

The founding of Adrenaline Charters

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After that event, Adrenaline Charters quickly became a local charter fishing provider for Beardmore and nearby areas. Then came the blog website Siciliano use to promote fishing and Adrenaline Charters.

After booking one charter fishing trip after another, Siciliano saw the business potential of the venture she took.

From Blog to a Business

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Through word of mouth, Adrenaline Charters’ charter fishing services made rounds all over Ontario. Siciliano had to hire extra hands just to keep up with all scheduled trips and events. Several fishing equipment brands contacted her to sponsor her trips and events.

That being so successful, that Adrenaline Charter became an online store for fishing equipment, apparel, and kits.

Now, Adrenaline Charters is one of the biggest, if not the biggest charter fishing provider in all of Ontario.

Our Services

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We offer daily fishing trips to locals and even visitors from other provinces and countries. We also sell a wide variety of fishing equipment and items. To make things better, we also have our fishing training programs for aspiring individuals out there.

And to make things even better, we also stage our fishing competitions with support from our partners and sponsors.

Siciliano’s Dream

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Ever since she was a little girl growing up in Beardmore, Siciliano loved fishing with her family. No one else knows all the best fishing spots in the area than Siciliano. Despite pursuing a career for legal services, it was always her dream to encourage and engage everyone to try fishing or charter fishing at least once.