Captain’s Letters Adrenaline Sport Fishing Letters 2013 New Pricing 2 guests - $1000/day
3 guests - $1100/day
4 guests - $1200/day
(10 hours is a full day)]]>
More Photos From 2012
Happy fishermen with a nice Halibut

Couple of big fish and big smiles

Great success!

Nice work boys!

Twin Halibut for this father and son team

We're looking forward to creating more great memories for the 2013 season!]]>
A few photos from 2012
A mixed bag including a 35 pound Tyee and a 55 pound Halibut

Green Island sunrise

Fun for the whole family!

Action packed day!

Beauty Tyee]]>
Notice To Our Clients
I would once again like to reitterate that Adrenaline Sportfishing is no longer in any way, shape or form associated with Great Pacific Salmon Lodge. If any of you receive email or advertising from them, please be aware that Adrenaline Sportfishing is entirely independent, and you will not be bookinga trip with us through them. Thanks, now that this has been cleared up let's go fishing!
2012 Season Just Around The Corner
Let me start by welcoming all of our returning guests back aboard the Dundas Kid for another great season, we appreciate your patronage, and are proud to have been your choice of charter operators once again for your Prince Rupert fishing trip. For those new guests to Adrenaline Sportfishing, we will strive to create a memorable experience, and work to fulfill your expectations for a great fishing trip in our beautiful back yard, Chatham Sound. For those of you that are considering a trip with us, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.
After a season under contract for a local fishing lodge for 2011, we are happy and proud to report that we are once again an independent operation, offering our first class service.

We have added some upgrades to the Adrenaline Sportfishing vessel, the Dundas Kid. We have upgraded our main power, moving up to a quiet 250 HP Mercury Verado four stroke engine. We've also installed a forced air furnace to add to the already comfortable cabin of the Dundas Kid. New salmon rods are also on order to compliment our smooth ISLANDER reels. We continue to strive to be the best operator in Prince Rupert.

The Salmon outlook for this season is forecast to be even better than our impressive 2011 season for both numbers, and size. We are expecting a notice from DFO any day now that will allow for a daily limit of 1 halibut, with 2 as a possession limit, much like the last few seasons.

Watch for us on the show 'OUTDOOR QUEST' on Wild TV (our episode will run for the week of March 18th-March 24th), or the Outdoor Quest website( , episode 13), as hosts T.J.Schwanky and Vanessa Harrop were aboard the Dundas Kid with myself, when they fished Prince Rupert last summer visiting GPSL. Fishing was stellar, with Vanessa landing her first Tyee, a 32 pound beauty chinook.
Bookings are strong for this season, but we still have many prime dates available between May 20th and September 15th. Please call for available dates, and we can help set up your 2012 fishing adventure. Good luck and happy fishing to all!
Capt. Matt]]>
2011 Season
Will this be the year that you land that trophy 60 pound Tyee Chinook Salmon, that barn door Halibut, or that 20+ pound Coho to hang on your wall?

I am looking forward to another great season for 2011. Some of our repeat guests have already booked their fishing trips for the 2011 season, guaranteeing they will get the dates they want. If you are considering a fishing trip with Adrenaline Sportfishing for 2011, as the old saying goes, "the early bird gets the worm," so book early to make sure you get the prime dates you would like to fish. Please contact us for availability. Best fishes to you, and tight lines!
Capt. Matt & Marie-Anne]]>
All Around Success
Horst is already planning his trip with Adrenaline Sportfishing for next summer, booking 3 days next time. It's always a good idea to book early to avoid disappointment!
Capt. Matt]]>
Threlfall Brothers Go Big!

Nice work James! We finished the trip with Dan landing another 26 pound Chinook, and James with another Tyee weighing in at 31 pounds, with a few Cohos thrown in for good measure.]]>
Big Spring For Charity We headed out early, and arrived to find a few boats already on the grounds, with many more showing up throughout the morning. The wind had come up from the west, making this spot one of the only places to tuck in and fish. At one point there must have been 30 boats doing circles around the protected side of Avery Island. We had a few good battles with some smaller Chinooks. We boated a few , and decided to leave the mess of boats in search of some larger Chinooks. we headed south, and fished in a much smaller crowd of 5 boats. Things were comfortable, but when I spoke with another operator, I was told things had been very slow. We trolled up and down a kelp bed for quite some time, with no action, but spirits were still high on the boat, with the comment that "This is great, it's beautiful, a fish would just be a bonus!" And a true "bonus" was on it's way! I dropped one bait down to 75 feet, and within 5 minutes the rod buckled and the Islander knuckle buster reel screamed out line. This was a big fish, and acted like one from the get go! Paul was on it, and the fish was fully in charge, making huge runs, and when he would stop, the rod would double over as the beast made huge head shakes. Paul's arm ached as he battled this Tyee to the surface in the murky green water. I saw it, and knew we had a fish well over 40 pounds on our hands. Paul was doing great, and I knew from experience that when guests first see a fish like this that they tend to panick, so I told Paul to look at his rod tip and not at the fish. Paul did a fantastic job, and enjoyed the fight on the smooth Islander reel. He was rewarded with the largest Chinook to date for our 2010 season. The Tyee weighed in at a wopping 46 pounds!

Way to go Paul!! I look forward to fishing with the Jack Schultz Autobody team of Lee J., Brian and Paul again next year.

Capt. Matt]]>
First Tyee of 2010 on the "Dundas Kid"

On another note, the first of many Tyees (30+ pound Chinook salmon)for the 2010 season hit the deck of the Dundas Kid yesterday.

The fish was expertly played by Malcom of the Swift group from Smithers and Kamloops, BC. After landing the great fish, Malcom commented on how nice and smooth the Islander single action reel(knuckle buster)was. Malcom's fish tipped the scales at 35 pounds. Nice work Malcom!

Capt. Matt]]>
Choosing the Right Charter -Your guides certification (ask to see it, and as a minimum they legally must hold a Small Vessel Operator Proficiency Certificate.)
-Your guides experience, as well as if they are a local, and not some one who has been out on a charter, and decided to just buy a boat and fly at it (there are quite a few out there).
-Has there vessel been inspected to meet the mandatory Transport Canada inspection program.
-Are they a legal business with a business lisence, in case things don't go to plan, and your deposit is not honoured.
Consider all of these things when making your decision, YOUR SAFETY IS AT STAKE!

Now, on to the more exciting subject. Our Chinook Salmon season is coming into full swing, with numbers getting better every day. There have been some large fish already weighed in, and it's shaping up to be a great season. There are still prime dates available for this season, so inquire about that trip of a life time today. We look forward to creating a great fishing trip for you!!!
Calm Seas, and Monster Tyees,
Capt. Matt]]>
Thank you to Rich Mellis
We at Adrenaline Sportfishing would like to extend a huge thank you to our chief mechanic, Richie Mellis. His tireless efforts, and vast knowledge of marine engines and boats in general have enabled us to provide good, quality fishing trips aboard a reliable fishing vessel. Thanks to Richie, we can count on always making it home. Our hats off to you Richie, and thanks again!!]]>
Guide Keith Temple
I recently had the opportunity to fish with Keith and his wife I.J., and we had quite an adventure. We hooked a halibut that was upwards of a hundred pounds, and had quite the job on our hands of landing such a fish on our light Salmon mooching rod. With our combined abilities we managed to boat the beast. I am excited to have Keith guiding for us, and wish all that fish with us this year all the success and luck for the upcomming season!
Tight Lines,
Capt. Matt]]>
2010 Season (Eagle photo courtesy of JF Photography)
Our 2010 Fishing season is just around the corner, and I am counting down the days until I have the opportunity to put some lucky guests onto a powerful Chinook Salmon, or monster Halibut! Preperations are now being made to anticipate full customer satisfaction, from boat comfort, to gear and tackle selection. Bookings are coming in, but many great dates are still available. Contact us for date requests. Predictions for 2010 are strong for all species of Salmon, as well as Halibut in Chatham Sound. Come and see all that our great region has to offer!
August round up

The Massiers from Quesnel, BC, with their limit of Salmon, and Halibut.

Harley Wright with Michelle and Dustin with there limit of nice size Halibut, largest being 40 pounds, and a few other bottom fish after a beautiful day in Chatham Sound.

The Krpan's with a mixed bag of Salmon, Halibut and Rock Fish.

The Dixon's after a great late August day. Young Rain's(very fitting name for a boy living in Prince Rupert!) arms were sore by the end of the day!

Mike Pucci with the first fish of a fun day aboard the Dundas Kid.

There were many smiles and laughs had aboard the Dundas Kid, as many happy guest enjoyed the great opportunities offered in beautiful Chatham Sound in August.]]>
Another Great Fishing Trip- No Bananas P Day 2 proved to be a much nicer weather day, so we headed north to try our Salmon luck once again. We fished for Salmon, and had a graet morning, hooking 5 nice Chinooks, and numerous Cohos. Our fish box was looking pretty good by mid day- 2 nice Chinooks, and 8 dime bright Cohos.

Dustin once again was in the running for fish of the day with his 24 pound Chinook. We once again headed for the Halibut grounds, when suddenly our prop spun, making it impossible for us to do more than 8 knots. Those banans were kicking in. We limped out to a Halibut spot a hadn't fished this year, and set out some bait. No bites for a long while. A 20 pound halibut suddenly took the bait. Things went quiet again, real quiet. Nothing was happening, and things were slow. Max went inside and came out with a huge bag of bananas, and started throwng them away. What a great idea! He then found some banana peels, and turfed them over the side as well. No word of a lie, just 2 minutes passed, and suddenly we had a bite, and it was a good one! Mike powered in a big halibut, that got the harpoon once it hit the surface.

Mike was all smiles as he stole fish of the day honors from Dustin with his 62 pound Halibut.

A big thanks to Max for removing all traces of Bananas from the Dundas Kid!!

What a great finish to a great couple of days!]]>
Great Day for the Bell's!!
Jean went home with two Chinook in the mid twenties and a Coho, and Bruce caught a 36 pound hog, and a Chinook in the teens, and a Coho. While halibut fishing in the gusty waters of Chatham Sound, we had a couple of other notable experiences. A Humpback Whale cruised past us at about a hundred yards away. a twenty pound Giant Pacific Octopus, orange in colour, also paid us a visit. After a quick picture, it slipped from the hook and swam back down to the depths. Once again, every day is different! We were all happy to be back in the dry cabin of the Dundas kid for the bumpy ride home, as the wind was picking back up later in the afternoon. I had a great time introducing the Bell's to our beautiful region of the coast, and hopefully gave them a memorable experience with Adrenaline Sportfishing.]]>
Khutzeymateen Combination- Grizzly Tour/
What a great trip. I had the pleasure of running up to Greg Palmers Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary floating camp, to meet 4 guests from the 230' Mega Yacht "Archemedes" and fish with them on our way back to Prince Rupert where the yacht was waiting for them. They flew into Greg's early in the morning, and had a fascinating grizzly tour with Greg in his custom Zodiac. They viewed two affectionate Grizzly bears, and were then treated to a feast consisting of fresh garlic prawns and shrimp, smoked salmon, and dungeoness crab, with chocolate cheese cake for desert. While they were dining, a curious young Grizzly came down to the beach about 60 feet away from us, and searched the beach for muscles and clams. What a magical place! Once the guests were done eating, we boarded the Dundas Kid, and headed south, to find some Chinook Salmon. We stopped and fished one of my old haunts, and within two minutes discovered that there was indeed some life around. There was a huge bait ball on the sounder, and all our lines were jiggling as we trolled through it. One rod dipped abruptly, and we had a fish on. This one spit the hook, but as we were bringing it in, the rod on the other side exploded, and we had another opportunity. This fish ripped out the line, and we managed to land a nice fish of about 20 lbs. The next pass we were hit again, this fish being a little bigger. We played this one for about four minutes, before fate stepped in and decided that this one was gonna make it up the river, and the hooks popped out. We had two other fish to the boat in the next half hour, and my guests had a reservation to make in Rupert, so we made one last pass. Time to go, so we started reeling in the lines. The last rod to come in got absotely smashed, and started peeling out line. I didn't think it was gonna stop! My young guest, who shares the same great name as yours truly, was into a great fight! Matthew played his fish the next 15 minutes and was rewarded with the fish of the day! A dime bright Chinook that tipped the scale at 30 pounds! We finished the day with 3 nice chinooks in the boat, one of which was a TYEE, released one and lost a couple others in the 2 and a half hour span we spent fishing. What an exciting day for these lucky guests!]]>
Mike Kelly Group ]]> Afternoon Delight
It was a beutiful May Mother's Day, as two new guests to the Dundas Kid caught the first two Chinooks of May. Guests Amanda Simoes and Mike Whitford were treated to beautiful, calm conditions, and some powerful Salmon action. Amanda faught a beauty 24 pounder, her first Salmon ever, with tears in her eyes, and was instantly hooked to this contageous addiction we call fishing. She handled the powerful Spring beautifully.

She had full concentration, while I slipped the net under the worthy contender.

Amanda was all smiles!
Not to be out done, Mike was next, and just as excited, as his side of the boat suddenly errupted, and a mighty Chinook ran hard. The reel made that wonderful zzzzzz! Mike was shaking, as he battled his first Chinook of the season. Mike managed to land a slightly bigger Chinook, a 26 pound silver bullet.

What a great Mother's Day!]]>
The First Chinook of 2009
Long time friend of Adrenaline Sportfishing, young Doug Condon was in town this week, and helped kick off the season by landing the first of many Chinook to hit the deck of the Dundas Kid. A beautiful but chilly April day, the strong fish hit right on the tide change, like they are supposed to. An awesome feast was prepared by Marie-Anne to celebrate, and the 16 pound White Chinook was the main dish, prepared by Capt. Matt, with his classic Dill and Garlic recipe. Good friends and good food, what a great way to start our upcoming season!!]]>
Easter Weekend Adventure
Once in the inlet of the cabin, Devin and Matt set a huge King Crab trap. Although quite late in the year for King Crab, we managed to catch a few of these delicious beasts.

Blood was spilled on the deck of the Dundas Kid for the first time this season, as Matt caught a nice 30 pound halibut.

Not to be outdone, Devin managed to battle a 55 pound hali to the boat.

The three of us, along with our faithful Labs, Rigger and Bailey, had an awsome adventure, and a great trip in beautiful Chatham Sound!
Book now to secure great dates!!
(photo courtesy of Dan Ackerman)]]>
Sunday Cruise Adrenaline Sportfishing Welcome to the first of many Captain's Letters from Adrenaline Sportfishing. The Dundas Kid is currently in Progressive Steel's shop having some upgrades done. A stainless steel radar arch, a new swim grid with a kicker mount, and a rear steering helm are all being added to the already impressive sportfishing vessel. The weather is fantastic in Prince Rupert right now, and hopefully it will stick around for some photos on the next launch day. We are planning to post some pictures of the Dundas Kid in the water, so keep checking the site for updates!
Capt. Matt Anderson]]>